Leader of Tomorrow 

Starting April 21st.
Introductory teachings from January.



The most amazing time in human history, is now.

You are here to live it. And to create Tomorrow.


You are absolutely unique. Your vision, abilities, dreams and potential - the way that you can touch, inspire and impact the world - this is a powerful gift, which only you can give.

The time has come to set it free. To unfold your limitless potential and inspire powerful and beautiful change in the world, as well as in your own life.

The dreams bringing your soul to life, are meant for you.

And you deserve nothing less.

Welcome to a highly unique academy experience.

Energetic Leader Academy (ELA) is special in the way, that it supports your growth and the unfolding of your potential. And in the form that exactly matches you and your calling. The teachings are designed to elevate your understanding of your whole being, and to bring simplicity and clarity into every aspect of your life.

Through ELA you are invited to explore, understand and take leadership over every aspect of your life and business – energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. When doing so, authentic leadership awakens, and your positive impact in the world will be able to grow beyond measure.

Best of all? You´ll be embarking on this online-journey into powerful and inspiring energetic leadership with an amazing group of people, sharing the same dreams and plans to truly make a difference – and on top of this, you are invited to join me for physical live training in beautiful and abundant Algarve, three times in the course of our time together.

What makes an "Energetic Leader"?

You know that you´re already on the path of energetic leadership, when the desire to take the lead stems from a deep-seated desire to serve humanity. Leading in a balanced, inspiring and authentic way by example, rather than dictating. Carrying yourself and all parts of your life with grace, empathy, gratitude, excitement and openness, will - as an example - inspire the world to do the same. You will become simply magnetic to the right people in your life – be it clients, partners, connections etc. Running your business successfully, creating growth and managing your everyday life, will become a new, fulfilling experience of expansion and ease.

As a fully connected and powerful being – when you are leading all aspects of your life with passion, ease, abundance and authenticity – you become the ”template”, showing others the way. An energetic leader is thereby helping others, not by leading them, but by guiding and showing them how to lead themselves.

Why ELA?

The changes happening on a global scale, will not diminish in the years to come. We have truly entered a new time, a new era of human history. More and more people are questioning their lives and their way of living, for good reason. In the coming years, the rise in consciousness will continue to increase, and call for a new type of leaders to show the way to an inspired, successful and balanced life and world. If this is you, you will probably have felt an inner calling towards something bigger for a while, and currently in a way, that you can no longer ignore.

Energetic Leader Academy aims to inspire and unfold a new generation of leaders, contributing to positive change in the world through energy, inspiration and powerful example, enabling them to become leading in their unique field of work.


Current students talk about ELA

The 2020 ELA students are the first ever to join the academy. They are now 10 months into the program, and here are a few insights into the experience so far.

"Once in a while, you are lucky to experience everything falling into place and the pieces suddenly fit. That is exactly what I felt and experienced, after joining the ELA.

Havanna is always cordial and present in her conveying. And her abilities and skills are unique. Her channelled teachings and healing operates on both a mental, emotional and energetic level of consciousness and creates an absolutely crucial union of the different levels.

At the same time, she is able to make her teachings very practical oriented. It has enabled me, to a greater extent, to release, understand, and experience my own potential and put it into play in my profession and my everyday life. For me, the academy is a life-changing experience, and the starting point for something bigger, than I could ever have imagined before signing up. "

Anusha Mariia Furbo,
Management Consultant
& Psychotherapist.

"Thank you for this amazingly wild and deep process! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this academy! I learn so much about myself, it´s crazy, really. I´m so much closer to where I want to be, and my motivation is getting bigger and bigger, because of the incredibly loving space that the academy is holding for my fear to unravel."

Jeannie Rosalina,
Light Tracker.



Structure and content.

A 12-week module of introductory teachings will initiate the program from January, consisting of 12 two-hour video sessions. There will be continuous admittance to the academy, and there will be plenty of time for all to dive into the teachings until the official academy kick-off on April 21st, 2022.

The 12-month ELA program both takes off and ends with two full days of teachings and workshops in amazing settings in Algarve, Portugal (you´ll be able to participate through online-streaming, should you not wish to join us). Every month (except July and December) consists of a single online weekend-workshop with weekly two-hour sessions in between. In April, you´ll have the opportunity to join us for a 4-day kick-off Algarve retreat with amazing guest teachers sharing their insights, along with regular teachings and excursions along the breathtaking coastline.

Besides live-training, you will receive access to The Abundance Program, an extensive step-by-step program enabling you to create and access a whole new level of revenue, matching your energy and potential. This program can be done at your own pace throughout the academy.

Want to see the complete program? Find it here

Sessions and workshops consist mainly of two parts: 1) Instructive teachings with a practical and mental perspective on energetic leadership in business and life, and 2) Energetic teachings for the higher self and soul, giving you a doorway to a balanced, higher perspective, and your full potential. Underway, you will explore the inner areas creating limitations and blockages, and learn how to set them free through inner leadership.

Some of the main themes running through the entire academy are:

Energy as one of the primary tools in your business.

The practical and energetic templates for running a successful business.

The authentic message – inspired selling and energetic marketing.

Driving forces, potential and manifestation.

Leading from the heart.

Purpose and calling.

What is included?

  • 12 two-hour introductory sessions. You will receive access to all sessions regardless of your time of entry into the academy.

  • Energetic Leader Academy – 12-month online journey into potential, abundance and successful leadership in the new era, starting April 21st., 2022.

  • Extra workshops and teachings with highly skilled guest teachers (program coming soon).

  • The Abundance Program - an extensive step-by-step self study program, enabling you to create the next level of abundance and revenue, matching your energy and potential. Can be taken at your own pace through the ELA.
  • Three individual and exclusive 60-minute online-sessions with Havanna in May, October and January.

  • Three physical workshops in Algarve, Portugal (April & November 2022 + April 2023, all optional).

  • Materials, foods, snacks and drinks during physical workshops.

  • Secret gift-bag with high-vibrating content (to be handed out in April 2022)

  • ELA diploma after full participation.


Not included:

  • Flight + hotel (if you wish to join the physical events).

  • Supervisions (optional, but recommended)

  • Essential core healing (optional but highly recommended)

Economy and registration:

Energetic Leader Academy is EUR 9.500,- in full payment or 12 monthly payments of EUR 1.000,-


Is ELA the right choice for you?

The best way to know this, is by reading the entire description with an open heart, and feeling into the energies of the text. If these resonate with you fully, I invite you to book a free online Potential Session with me, to further explore the potential for you in ELA.

Please note: It is important to me that the energetic match between students and ELA is high, to make sure you have every possibility of truly benefiting from the program. If this is not the case, then it is my belief, that there is another course or path out there, supporting you even better, and then you will receive guidance and insight into the best path forward, so that you are taking something valuable and inspiring with you from the session, regardless of the outcome.

If you are offered a spot in ELA, I recommend that you take a little time to consider, reflect and feel into the energy, before making a decision.

Book your personal online Potential Session for free.

Let´s explore your potential, aspirations
and calling, together! 

About Havanna and the background for ELA

Energetic Leader Academy is the result of 6 years of intensive energetic work and experience, both personally as well as with hundreds of clients, students and course participants. 

In November 2020, the first group of Energetic Leaders embarked upon the ELA journey in Danish. Now is the time to launch the first group of international Energetic Leaders.

As a child, Havanna dreamed of being Indiana Jones when she grew up. The dream of finding big, hidden treasure, resulted in her digging holes around her parents´ garden (they weren´t exactly ecstatic about that), and dreaming of adventure in mysterious places around the globe.

Most of her adult life, the journey felt nothing like adventure, working blindly through massive childhood trauma. But the intense experience of navigating through crippling fear, sorrow and insecurities on her own, was really the foundation for another kind of treasure: experience, wisdom and insight into all the layers of human existence, that are withholding us from living out our dreams and full potential. 

The journey has lead to Havanna passionately working with amazing entrepreneurs, inspirators and changemakers, supporting their growth into full potential. Because the world needs energetic lighthouses to show the way into the New Era, like never before. 

Danish by origin, she´s currently living out the dream of energetic adventure and exploration in Algarve, while teaching energetic leadership and unfolding of potential to new Leaders of Tomorrow.


Book your personal online Potential Session for free.

Let´s explore your potential, aspirations
and calling, together!